So, apart from my name (spelt Melyssa BTW), what else can I tell you about myself?


I’m a Vietnamese-born British girl living in the beautiful city of London. I spent my former years living in Germany, where I dabbled in every sport under the sun, trying to figure out where my strengths were. But it was while I studied BSc Information Systems at University, that I fell in love with Web Design and I’ve never looked back.


Fast forward a few years and I’m now happily married, living and working in London and spend my free time photographing life as it happens as much as I can.


And when I’m not busy being a total shutterbug or a petrolhead you’ll probably find me street dancing, chomping on seafood, playing badminton, listening to music, reading a book or doing the usual girlie stuff – shopping and mastering my make-up skills.

What I Do & Love

Passionate about design and all things web – not only in my job but also as my hobby.


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